Anonymous whispered: Have you read chapter 22 for Songs of Ice and Snow??!

I THINK SO???? I Can’t remember the number of the last chapter I read, all I know was that it was the latest one. XD

I started watching OUAT today…..

all this time, everything I’ve known about it has been from tumblr… I even shipped something without even knowing what it is… >_____>

Now I’m on episode 6 and I’ve already gotten emotional like 6 times what’ve I done..




[ — rages forever about people saying Anna is boring. — ]

Anna never has, and never will be, boring.




[ — rages forever about people saying Anna is boring. — ]

Anna never has, and never will be, boring.

Anonymous whispered: Tbh elsa is heaps more interesting than anna, who's boring plain and annoying.

It’s sad that people would think that Anna is so ‘plain’ and ‘boring’ and ‘annoying’…. because isn’t she just like us?

Feels like she’s second best, but never ever stops encouraging and supporting the people she loves. She hasn’t been out much, gets a little overexcited about the things she enjoys, she loves chocolate,  she’s self-conscious as shown through her actions and gestures, she’s lonely… But she’s so optimistic that people tend to forget all that.

Anna’s life hasn’t been cake either… she may have grown up a princess, but being lonely and basically ignored and shut out by your own family is painful, no matter who you are and what your status is. Can you blame her for being so happy to meet people and to want a different life?

The reasons and circumstances may have been different… but Elsa wasn’t the only one who was trapped.
Having that much faith in her sister and supporting her, believing in her and insisting and wanting to be with her and help her, that’s not being annoying, that’s called being part of a family.

Anonymous whispered: went from awkward and bipedal to one hot piece of butt that has a giant reptile

I love me some Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III


when people are very very nice to you and make you feel good about yourself



Reblog if you say “fuck” more than 5 times a day.

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Anonymous whispered: Hi! I was scrolling through my dash and I saw some beautiful Kristanna fan art. It was yours, but it was sourced as xxMeMoRiEzxx, and I thought that I'd let you know that some of your pieces are being credited to them.

xxMeMoRiEzxx  IS me. XD It’s my deviantart account. :)