animalbks whispered: can I be honestly and say I dislike your mom?

I’ve always said that I love my mom, and I do because she’s my mom and she’s always been there (minus the last 7 years since she left..) But if I knew her as a person unrelated to me, I’d probably hate her. :/

sailorsun316 whispered: Do you like jazz? If you do, I highly recommend Cab Calloway.

I used to dance to jazz. :) My mom got me into dancing when I was about four, right after she yanked me out of my second hockey/skating practice (“little girls don’t play sports” she said..)
While it wasn’t something I really wanted to do, I did enjoy learning a few things, and the music alone became a really calming.

Anonymous whispered: Do you like Jpop or any other non-English based music?

Jpop, Kpop, I LOVE celtic music, italian opera, electric pow wow…
I’m the type that loves anything so long as it sounds good to my ears, regardless of the language. :P

Anonymous whispered: You look like the girl from the new infamous game!

Which girl? :D


The Frozen fandom has to be the nicest fandom ever, tbh. Kristanna is perfect; Helsa/Iceburns is perfect.

I’ve been sucked in and I can’t go back.

Anonymous whispered: One steamy night, Kristoff accidentally let the storm rage on inside of Anna, and now they have an unplanned baby!

smaugthedropout whispered: The baby won't fall asleep so Kristoff goes out to his sled in the middle of the night to get his lute (is it a lute?). Even after their little squishy face baby falls asleep, he keeps playing till Anna cuddles up next to him and they both sleep in the nursery.

i feel so strongly about this 

bri-ecrit, feistypaants, I’m listening to all the videos I took of us obnoxiously singing the frozen soundtrack in the car on the night of Bri’s birthday, and where Jess and I just started yelling like maniacs the moment you said it was officially your birthday…

I am crying with laughter

Anonymous whispered: Do u go hunting a lot? Because I'm going to Canada next year on a hunting and fishing trip.

Not a lot, no. I’d go with my uncle, occasionally, during moose season. My late grandpa got me into it when he used to take me on his hunting trips. :)

I haven’t gone in a year now, my licence is expired. XD
Fishing I do all the time though. :D Very peaceful.

frippinnn whispered: Anna finds out she is pregnant, and tries to play it cool and wait a bit to tell Kristoff. But she blows it one day by accidentally letting it slip in a joke, so Kristoff is like, "Ahahahahah WAIT WHAT"