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Modern!Frozen AU - Kristoff
[Black & White Version]

Kristoff is a hard working country boy who enjoys the real simple things in life. Though that doesn’t stop him from looking for a little excitement. 
A true adventure seeker, he believes in taking risks. Maybe too many.

After the unfortunate passing of his father years earlier, he spends most of his time tending his family’s old farm. It used to be a deer farm but over time, he’d just kind of adopted a variety of animals into his ‘family’. Sven being the exception. Kristoff’s had this reindeer since he was a little boy and they practically grew up together. They were like brothers.

He does his very best keeping everything together, most days just barely getting by but he’s very content with what he has.

To other people, he comes off as stand-off-ish, and a little intimidating. And because he’s not exactly a social butterfly, he doesn’t always give the best first impression, often sounding grumpy or sarcastic when conversing with people…. when people try to converse with him, that is.
He’s very stubborn and has his own set of rules to follow, but he’s also funny, kind hearted and although you wouldn’t guess it, quite the talented musician.