golden-eyes- whispered: Do you understand, how much that picture made the entire fandom happy? You have a gift.

This is why I draw.

I’ll be honest, I love drawing and although people have always told me I was good at it, I rarely completely liked what I drew in the end.. I was always hard on myself, comparing my stuff to others’… I still do that sometimes, and although  I’m not always happy with how a piece turned out, I have so many people encouraging me and telling me how great it looks and I can’t help but smile no matter what.
My style is still not where I want it to be… it’s still kinda stiff, and I never know how to colour things properly. I’m inconsistent. But I’m improving everyday and I need to practice so much more until I find my place.

It’s people like you who make it all worth it. 
If I really am making people happy with my art, then I know for sure I have to do this for the rest of my life because despite how I feel about my drawings, if I can make someone happy with it, if people truly enjoy what I put out, that’s the best feeling in the world.  It’s all the motivation I need to continue and get better.

So thank YOU.